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Dreams & visions translation

€ 150,00

Dreams & visions translation

€ 150,00

Looking for the explanation of your dream or vision! ....


Do you want to know what your dream or vision means then this is your chance ask Marjan in a personal training session what your dream or vision means.


You will receive a very personal and comprehensive dream and visions translating.

With the addition of p ersonal support and deepening so that you can get started with this in your life.

It is a translation of what is going on in your dream or vision life right now.


It goes as follows, you submit a maximum of 5 dreams or visions and possibly your additional questions. This form of training can be done via skype or via email

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In addition to a dream or vision translation, you also get deeper insight into your emotional life, your soul, what you encounter in your waking life etc ... in short, it is a real growth possibility. 


How does it work!...


You will then receive a statement, support and in-depth answer via skype, whatsapp and / or video call (appointment). The session will then take about half an hour to an hour depending on your questions and dreams & visions. If you choose the e-mail option, you will receive a return e-mail with an answer, explanation, support and floor as soon as possible. Your email will then be approximately 2 to 3 A4 pages of text, but this too depends on your questions and your dreams & visions.


Want to know more do not hesitate and contact me !.