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Dreamer training

€ 500,00

Dreamer training

€ 500,00

The training for renewed soul growth !.

It is possible to discover your dreams and visions, soul messages well, consciously, purely and professionally from your source, your base.


What do you get from me !.

You really learn to understand your dreams so that you know what they have to tell you! ....

Explore your true self, find your soul lessons, find your source, listen to your subconscious and find the connection with your dream world in a short period of time. You learn to see from a different perspective and you discover who you really are deep down.

In short, you will work deeply on yourself, learn and discover everything that has to do with dreams.

You really learn everything about yourself!

You will work deeply on yourself, you will learn and discover everything that has to do with dreams and you will make great steps forward!


How does it work!.

My years of experience with professional analysis in dreams, mindfulness, consciousness, subconscious, personal growth and visions will be offered.

+ free intake in which you experience a first free introduction!



You go through a personal dream training project with a lot of support and you can get started right away.

Each Dream Training Opportunity is personally tailored and is always adapted as the training requires and so on. We will work together 4 times personally from the deepest core of the unconscious and personal growth and development.


If you want to know more, contact me!