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Lucid dreaming

Artikelnummer: DC2021006
€ 700,00

The lucid dream trip of a lifetime !.

You can learn Lucid dreaming consciously! It is possible to consciously learn to dream lucidly with the right exercises, steps and perseverance. You learn to have confidence, you learn how to let go and how to anchor yourself! Lucid dreaming is the opportunity to heal, heal and grow while you sleep and dream.

What do you get from me !.

Learn to take the right steps towards lucid dreaming online! You get to know yourself completely, you learn to understand the deepest core of your being in a short time. The experiences the highest possible growth from the dream world. You learn to look from a different perspective.


You learn to take the right steps towards your lucid connection! 


You will work on yourself independently, learn and discover everything that has to do with lucid dreaming by using it right away in dream practice!



* Some form of experience in the field of dreams / consciousness and / or meditation, spiritual, etc. is recommended. Less experienced or if you have doubts about your experience, please contact me!  



How does it work!.


Free intake in which you experience a first free introduction!


You go through a very personal conscious lucid dream training project with a lot of support and you can get started right away. This training is custom made by myself. It is also constantly adjusted as the training requires it and so on. The lucid dream training is for the next 7 months! + dream breaks that are important to insert !. You cannot learn to dream (lucid) consciously in a short period of time, you really need the time and that is why it is a training that is built up slowly.   


Please note that an appointment will be scheduled after booking!