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Must have dreamer

Artikelnummer: DC2021007
€ 1.000,00

The training for in-depth growth and development !.

It is the next step in becoming even more aware of your soul, your dreams, to discover the common thread in your life and / or the situation you are in. Placing visions, soul messages, but also discovering in every layer of yourself.

The doors of your soul open from your source, your base, your heart. Discover the next growing steps, start living completely from your purest life vision and life task.

What do you get from me !.

You learn to experience your dreams from your soul, you learn to experience and see the depth. Your hidden soul powers and qualities. Your purity from your highest good. You get a grip and insight on the key to your soul.

So that you know exactly what they have to tell you every dream, sleep, night during your mediation, daydream and especially which steps you can take after this! ....

Exploring goes very deep you find your true self, your soul lessons, find your source, listen to your subconscious. You learn through this awareness to live from your dream world.



You will work deeply on yourself, learn and discover everything that has to do with dreams and you make very big steps forward!



What more can you expect from me !.

Do you want to know everything around it in addition to the unique special dreams, subconscious knowledge? ...

We are going to make it deep and transparent - so that you can apply this immediately. If you really want to work on yourself, step through the dream door now and start a completely new chapter.

My years of experience with professional analysis in dreams, mindfulness, sleeping, consciousness, subconscious, personal growth and visions are very extensive.



* Some form of experience in the field of dreams / consciousness and / or meditation, spiritual, etc. is recommended. If you are less experienced or if you have doubts about your experience, please contact me!


How does it work!.

Free intake in which you experience a first free introduction!


You go through a very personal dream training project with a lot of support and you can get started right away. This training is custom made by myself. It is also constantly adjusted as the training requires it and so on. Together we really work personally from the deepest core of the unconscious and personal growth and development.

This training has a learning period of approximately 10 months - depending on the possible dream breaks that are inserted so that the trajectory can take a wider time frame. You cannot learn dream consciously in a short period of time, you really need the time and that is why it is an online training that is slowly built up.      



Please note that an appointment will be scheduled after booking!