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Good Sleep

Artikelnummer: DC2021009
€ 700,00

Finally a good night's sleep!

Do you really want to work on yourself so that you no longer suffer from not being able to sleep well, dream, meditate?


Sleeping is the best medicine and the best meditatie there is!

Do you really want to get rid of your Sleep Paralysis, Nightmares, Fears, Past life and / or your Bedroom anxiety,

What do you get from me !.


You get to know yourself, your body. You learn to tune in to your own cycle. You learn to accept it and of course you learn how to deal with it. Reconnect with your body!

What to do, what is the next step. How does it affect my partner, family and how can I involve them if I want to.

You will really rediscover who you are, why, you will see the common thread, past lives, obstacles you overcome and much more.

You really learn everything about your sleeping problems!

You will work deeply on yourself, learn and discover everything that has to do with sleeping, falling asleep, fears, nightmares, trauma and so on and you make very big steps forward!



What more can you expect from me !.

Do you want to know everything around it in addition to the unique special sleep knowledge, your body's sleep cycle and your subconscious knowledge? ...


We are going to make it deep and transparent - so that you can apply this immediately. Do you really want to work on yourself, so that you can sleep better, wake up, fall asleep or continue to sleep (understand your nightmares and trauma). Do you really want to have 8 to 9 hours of sleep, be better in your energy, better distributed throughout the day; then step through the dream door now and start a completely new chapter.

My years of experience with professional experience, in sleeping, dreaming, mindfulness, consciousness, subconscious, personal growth are very extensive.




How does it work!.

Free intake in which you experience a first free introduction!


You go through a very personal sleep training project with a lot of support and you can get started right away. This training is custom made by myself.

It is also constantly adjusted as the training requires it and so on. Together we really get to work personally from your deepest problem and / or the influence it also has on your family, partner and so on. It is really meant to make sleeping a pleasant experience again. Sleeping is the best meditation there is for a reason. 


This training has a learning period of approximately 7 months - depending on the possible sleep breaks that are inserted, so that the trajectory can take a wider period of time. Sleep well; after sometimes years of poor sleep you cannot learn in a short period of time, you really need the time and that is why it is a training that is built up slowly. 


Please note that an appointment will be scheduled after booking!