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Year program Dream Training

€ 3.000,00

Year program Dream Training

€ 3.000,00

Are you the new Experienced Dream & Vision Trainer.


Then take on the challenge of being personally coached by me throughout the year! ....

If you want to know everything, the knowledge, the experience and much more, this is your chance!

It is possible to learn through me how as a specialist trainer you can start working on dreams and visions, soul messages, subconscious good, conscious, pure and professional with immediate unique results.


In addition to the unique special dreams, subconscious knowledge, you also want to know everything around it. Don't wait any longer and take your chance.


Do you want to make it all really deep and insightful (spiritual) - so that you can directly apply this in your own practice, or in your own life; If you want to start a practice, step through the dream door and start a completely new chapter.


You will be taught by me intensively and personally twice a month for one year. You learn everything that has to do with dreams, mindfulness, spiritual growth, subconscious, soul assignments, etc. in the broadest sense of the word. 

+ free intake in which you experience a first free introduction!

Learn more about marjan! See the half-year program

My years of experience with professional analysis in both dreams, mindfulness, consciousness, subconscious, (spiritual) personal growth and visions are very extensive. So that you can really help yourself and possibly your own clients at the end of the training.


You go through a very personal dream training project with a lot of support and you can get started right away. Every Dream Training option has been tailor-made for you and is constantly being adjusted as the training demands it and so on. Together we really get to work personally from the deepest core of unconscious and personal growth and development.


Want to know more do not hesitate and contact me!.